Vivox Voice ‘Brings the Noise’ to Bloodline Champions Combat Game

Funcom's Bloodline Champions, the free-to-play online player vs. player (PvP) arena game, has selected Vivox’s high-definition (HD) voice solution for in-game communications. Voice is available as of launch.

Developed by Stunlock Studios, Bloodline Champions is a fast-paced, pure PvP team game where players choose from a variety of characters and battle against other teams’ heroes. As a collaborative game, voice functionality was considered critical for players to communicate clearly with teammates and execute strategy quickly.

“In creating a PvP arena game, it was important for us to provide our players with the tools to establish camaraderie and plan battle tactics effectively,” said Tau Peterssen, CEO of Stunlock Studios. “Partnering with Vivox was an easy choice, as they provide a cutting-edge voice solution that has proven to engage and excite online communities. Thanks to Vivox we were able to quickly and easily integrate features into Bloodline Champions that we never imagined possible.”

Bloodline Champions always considered voice communications between players a requirement to support the fast-moving, team-oriented play that is involved in the game. With Vivox, players can discuss strategy and attack plans in-game and during battles, increasing the opportunities for victory. Additionally, Vivox is providing players with 3D voice capabilities, which means they will experience in-game conversations similar to how they occur in real life. Players will sound like they are speaking nearby or farther away depending on their proximity within the game, creating an even more immersive environment for team-based play.

“With the introduction of Bloodline Champions to the online gaming world, Stunlock Studios has been able to create a completely unique, high-action gameplay experience,” said Rob Seaver, founder and CEO of Vivox. “As a player-centric game, the ability to chat with teammates is not only convenient- it’s necessary. We are excited to provide 3D, high definition voice to Stunlock and are eager to help players become the best champions they can be.”

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