Voice Architects Launches VUI Outsourcing Program

PORTLAND, OR - Voice Architects announced the launch of a vender-independent outsourced interface monitoring and tuning service. The Voice Architects' Managed VUI™ program helps speech interface owners systematically identify improvement opportunities, set performance benchmarks, monitor performance against goals and perform targeted, cost effective tuning of speech interfaces. The value proposition for the Managed VUI program is compelling. An optimized interface returns 300 percent of the investment in tuning through fewer operator transfers, more automated calls, reduced call length, and a better caller experience. In fact tuning in some cases has a better ROI than the original speech system. Through creation of an end-to-end interface management structure, Managed VUI allows interface owners to reap the benefits of tuning by identifying and fixing problems. Optimization is no longer a hit-or-miss, bi-annual activity, but rather a carefully monitored and cost justified activity. Managing VUI performance becomes a lot more like managing agent performance. "The Managed VUI program taps into an undercurrent of frustration held by many end users", said Keith Rolle, managing director of Voice Architects. "Operations managers typically manage by the numbers. But unlike other service channels, speech recognition does not provide them with the granular metrics needed to assure customer satisfaction. Now operations managers can track their speech interface performance just like they track the performance of their Web site, touchtone application, or live agent." Voice Architects' Managed VUI program starts with an initial performance assessment using VA's AlphaCheck™. Once Key Usability Indicator goals are set, Voice Architects automatically generates trending reports called QuickCheck's using the LogSense™ analytics engine. VA tuning experts monitor results, and consult with clients on improvement opportunities. VA's tuning process is based upon Six Sigma total quality management methodologies. Voice Architects' Managed VUI program is available on both Nuance™ and SpeechWorks™ recognition engines. Deployment platforms include IVR, VoiceXML, and most other telephony platforms. Applications can be either hosted at an off-site facility or on customer premise equipment. Voice Architects offers the service to end users as well as system integrators. technology partners, and hosting service providers. Pricing for the Managed VUI program begins at $6,700 per year.
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