Voice Software Shipments to Double by 2022

Globally, voice software unit shipments are expected to increase from around 11 billion today to 21 billion by 2022, according to the latest market data from& Research and Markets.

Recent developments and the rapid expansion of human-to-machine communication, such as virtual digital assistants embedded within smartphones and smart home devices, have significantly increased the overall  need for voice software algorithms within consumer devices, the research found. Traditionally, voice software algorithms have played an important role in smartphones, tablets, computing devices, and other devices where human-to-human communication has been adopted.

The report, "The Voice Algorithm Software Ecosystem: Market Growth, Key Players, and Competitive Analysis," looks at the key industry segments, including mobile, wearable devices, home, automotive, computing, and industrial markets. Typically, a combination of multiple voice algorithms are typically used in these types of consumer devices.

Semiconductor vendors, such as Cirrus Logic, Conexant, DSP Group, MediaTek, NXP, and Qualcomm, provide internally developed voice user interface and/or voice enhancement software solutions. In some cases the software is included in the price of the silicon. In other cases, users can replace their own software with third-party software, from vendors such as Alango, DSP Concepts, Sensory, Rubidium, iFlytek, MightyWorks, and Nuance Communications.

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