VoiceKey OnePass Offers Touchless Bimodal Biometrics for Smartphones

A year after voice biometrics solution provider SpeechPro debuted Voice Key OnePass, the company has released a hands-free version of the solution.

"We are taking this to the next level," says Alexey Khitrov, president of SpeechPro USA, a division of Russia's Speech Technology Center. "We've added a number of features to the app that makes the process completely touchless. In the previous version you had to touch the phone to start the [biometrics] process."

When a user starts the verification process, the phone's camera scans his face in a video stream and then automatically launches  passphrase recognition once the face has been identified. The app also features a unique anti-spoofing verification method to prevent fraudsters from beating the system with photographs.

"To determine if there is an actual person or a photo, it looks to see if the person's lips are moving," Khitrov explains. "While a person is saying a password the app is taking multiple pictures tracking and determining if lips are really moving."

Typically there are two types of passwords in voice biometrics, Khitrov says. First, there's a static password where a user has the same password for each verification attempt. However, there can be security concerns if someone gets an audio recording of the user saying that password, according to Khitrov.

The second method is a prompted password where the system prompts the user to say something different every time. The problem with prompted is that it requires a longer pass phrase, hence reducing the customer experience, Khitrov claims.

"What we're doing is putting them together into a single verification experience, so every passphrase will have a constant and variable parts," Khitrov says. "By doing that we're keeping the high accuracy of the static password and reducing the length of the prompted component. But most importantly for the user it's a single password biometrics experience."

OnePass is available for devices operating on the Android platform. SpeechPro plans to release an iOS version next month.

"People's lives are changing rapidly right now," Khitrov says. "People are doing more and more with their phones. We're getting more access to personal information, corporate information and with that, the question of easy and instant access from a smartphone becomes more important. That's why a product like OnePass is so important, offering factors of security, unique liveness detection, and ease of use."  

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