VoiceSignal Releases VSuite 3.0

WOBURN, Mass. - VoiceSignal released VSuite 3.0, a speech application for mobile phones that supports "over the air" downloadable language modules. VSuite 3.0 builds on VoiceSignal's "one-step" user interface.

New features in VSuite 3.0 include:

  • Over-the-air Language Downloads - VSuite 3.0 is a speech application that allows the consumer to access and download language modules to their phone over-the-air.  By allowing consumers to download language modules, VSuite 3.0 frees up memory normally required for storing multiple languages, allowing manufacturers to use the additional memory to add new features to the phone.
  • Natural Numbers Support - VSuite 3.0 is also a mobile phone speech application that supports "natural number digit dialing."  Natural number digit dialing allows users to combine numbers, so that users can dial a number like "1-800-970-5000" by saying "one, eight hundred, nine, seven, oh, five thousand" rather than being forced to say each digit individually. 
  • Barge-In - The VSuite 3.0's ability to support "barge-in" commands eliminates the need for the user to wait for the audio prompt to be completed before responding.  It enables users to interrupt a prompt like "did you say 800-970-5200" with a "yes" or "no."

"One-Step Command and Control" offers access to music and key phone features.
Building on the "one-step" command features of VSuite 2.1, which let a user dial or address a text or picture message with a command like "call John Smith" or "send text to John Smith," VSuite 3.0, lets users control created MP3 play lists.  Users can now create their own MP3 music folders, and with a voice command, like "Play Rock," play songs from their personal "Rock" play list.

All VSuite 3.0 features are supported in 21 languages.

VSuite 3.0 will appear in phones throughout North America, Europe and Asia by the first quarter of 2006 in mass-market handsets up through smartphone class phones.

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