Voiceweb Foundation Wants to Use Voicecoin to Fund Voice Internet

The Voiceweb Foundation believes in an open standards-based system, according to voicebot.ai, “similar to how the World Wide Web created an interconnected ecosystem of websites.” Proprietary voice assistant ecosystems and walled gardens (think Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant) is problematic for the future of the industry, at least in the Voiceweb Foundation’s mind. So, it wants to replace it with an “egalitarian solution that maximizes interoperability and minimizes the control of any single operator.”

Voiceweb Foundation‘s vision, according to its website, is “To advance with the times, we will build a decentralized voice WEB by establishing a domain name system that conforms to the voice age, stimulates the creativity of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, liberates the Internet, and frees the Internet from the monopoly of centralized forces, bringing greater conveniences to the public.”

At the center of this new ecosystem is “a blockchain that ensures unique identifiers for each ‘voice website’ and transactions, including securing a voice domain registration, will be conducted using new utility tokens called Voicecoin.”

As voicebot.ai reports, “the Voicecoin initial coin offering (ICO) enables consumers to purchase tokens on the LaToken exchange.” George (Jianwen) Zhao invented Voiceweb. According to The Voice Web Foundation Zhao is the original “patent inventor of the core technology powering WeChat.”

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