Vonjour Releases Virtual Voicemail Dashboard

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Vonjour today released the Virtual Voicemail Dashboard to help businesses organize voicemail messages across their entire organizations.

Virtual Voicemail Dashboard is a central hub for managing customer communications. It features voicemail-to-text transcription using Vonjour's proprietary speech technology, and includes the transcript along with the original recording as part of the notification it sends to team members when a voicemail message is received. Users can see, right from within the notification, who called and why they called.

The notification is sent to everyone on a team, and those members can then decide who is best equipped to respond, according the Ryan Koven, chief marketer at Vonjour.

Team members can also set up a ticket and case file and collaborate toward a solution, Koven says. "It helps manage voicemails all the way from start to finish," he states.

The online dashboard also lets users better understand what callers are saying and create follow-up assignments for team members.

The Virtual Voicemail Dashboard is part of a much larger phone system that includes call routing, an auto attendant, and other features, according to Koven. It is free for the first 1,000 minutes of messaging. After that, users can switch to a paid, premium offering for more than 1,000 minutes of messaging.

The system currently works with any phone, including mobile and landline phones as well as Web and IP phones. It works with phones from any carrier and is mobile device-and operating system-agnostic. "It works with any phone on any system," Koven says.

"When we created Vonjour we set out to provide more than just a phone system," said Daniel Tawfik, Vonjour co-founder, in a statement. "We built Vonjour with the goal of being at the center of all customer conversations. We provide a seamless, free, and lightweight solution for an entire company to connect to its customers, while providing an unparalleled view of what customers are saying. Our intelligent dashboard provides an organization a high-level view of customer interactions."

Vonjour plans a more expansive offering later this year. A big part of that expansion will include more mobile capabilities, according to Koven.

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