VoxGen Launches Five-point Plan for Customers

VoxGen launched a five-point plan (C.A.L.L.S.) to help businesses reliant on calls, maximize the impact of their brand through the use of the voice:

Customers - think about their needs, provide assistance, make sure they understand your telephony channel and ensure that all interaction channels (Web site and telephony) provide a great user experience

Accent - if your business is focused primarily in a certain location it may be best to use local accents to relate to users

Language - think about the type of vocabulary typically used by your target audience to help you communicate more effectively in line with their emotions

Length of questions - if you're looking to get precise information quickly,  keep the questions short and concise to reflect this

Speed - keep in mind the speed of utterances and responses in order to reflect the values and culture of the business

Examples of how different personas can be used for different situations can be heard in online demonstrations for retail purchasing and hotel booking at: www.voxgen.co.uk/demos.asp.

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