Voxeo Completes $2.2 Million Expansion and Upgrade of VoiceCenter IVR Hosting Facilities

Voxeo has completed a multi-million dollar project to expand and enhance its SIP, CCXML, and VoiceXML-based VoiceCenter IVR Hosting capabilities.

The project includes the expansion of Voxeo's tier-one data center at InterNAP's facility in Atlanta, Ga. and the opening of a new Data and Network Operations Center at Voxeo's headquarters in Orlando, Fla.

"The market for hosted IVR has steadily increased over premise IVR shipments in the last 5 years, and with the flexibility it provides customers, should continue to do so," said Nancy Jamison, principal analyst at Jamison Consulting. "Voxeo, with its established heritage of hosted solutions will continue to take advantage of this trend."

"The hosted IVR industry will continue to exhibit aggressive growth in 2005 as more businesses adopt this model to improve customer service while avoiding the upfront costs associated with premise-based IVR deployments," said Daniel Hong, voice business analyst at Datamonitor. "Today's hosted IVR service providers are evolving from a traditional utility to a more strategic, business process oriented delivery model. This change is increasing the value proposition of hosted IVR services and will help drive growth in this market segment."

In addition to a delivering over 5000 square feet of new space and a ten-fold increase in power and cooling infrastructure, both facilities incorporate a Cisco Supervisor Engine V routing and switching platform.  In conjunction with Voxeo's VoiceCenter SIP Softswitch, this platform can route and switch over 1 million Voice over IP (VOIP) calls.

Voxeo's new VoiceCenter facilities also deliver per-site and geographic redundancy, including:

  • Access to all major Internet and carrier networks through multiple, diverse fiber paths
  • Over 200 tons of server cooling
  • Dual 10,000 AMP DC power feeds and telco-grade DC/AC power inverters
  • Four hours of battery backup for use during transition from utilities to generator power
  • 1000 kilowatt (1 megawatt) on-site backup generator
  • 1000 kilowatt (1 megawatt) secondary drive-up generator pad and panel
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