Voxeo Launches Open Source Telephony Application Initiative

ORLANDO, Fla. - Voxeo Corporation launched RocketSource, an initiative to reduce telephony application cost, integration, and customization issues by sponsoring and promoting the development of open source VoiceXML and CCXML applications.  

Under this initiative, Voxeo will sponsor development of new open source telephony applications, distribute select applications with its VoIP and IVR offerings, and increase awareness of the benefits of open source telephony applications to its customers, partners, and the over 21,000 registered members of its Evolution developer program.

To kick off RocketSource, three new open source applications developed by Voxeo partners will be posted to Sourceforge.net and distributed with downloads of Voxeo's Prophecy Voice Platform.  
The three initial RocketSource applications include:

  • Vox-Attendant: a VoiceXML-based, speech-driven auto attendant that can connect callers with any person or group with an enterprise, via their desk, cellular, or VoIP phones.
  • Vox-Mail:  a VoiceXML-based, speech-driven voicemail application that can store messages locally or integrate with any IMAP email server to provide basic unified messaging.
  • Voice Conference Manager: A VoiceXML and CCXML-based, speech-driven conference manager that features both phone and web-based conference call creation, access, and management.

"Until now, the open source community developed voice applications in isolation from each other," said Moshe Yudkowsky, president of Disaggregate and lead developer of Voice Conference Manager. "With RocketSource a new community will emerge, and we will start to create applications that use common user interfaces, common themes, common databases, and common modules.  If we succeed, the result will be revolutionary — an avalanche of open source applications that provide a wide range of functionality and become part of everyone's basic tools, just like email."


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