Voxeo Spins Off Voxeo Labs

Voxeo Labs has officially changed its name to Tropo Inc., completing a spin-off process that began more than a year ago. The former advanced research and development arm of Voxeo Corporation has been operating as an independent entity under the name Voxeo Labs Inc. since December 2012.

Building on the success of the Tropo API platform, the newly independent company has grown revenue by more than 150 percent annually.

"With over 190,000 developers and businesses using Tropo and recent wins in seven of the leading telecom vendors in the world including AT&T and Deutsche Telekom, the strength of Tropo as a company, product, and brand is unquestionable," said Jason Goecke, president and CEO of Tropo, in a statement.

Deutsche Telekom's Developer Garden launched the Telekom Tropo API in 2012 and AT&T launched the Call Management API Powered by Tropo in January 2013. Tropo products allow developers to integrate real-time voice and text communications with any Web or mobile application, including powerful features like speech recognition and text-to-speech in multiple languages, conference calling, call recording and transcription, and SMS text messaging.

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