Voxeo VoiceCenter 5.5 Supports W3C CCXML Last Call Working Draft

ORLANDO, Fla. - Voxeo Corporation announced Voxeo VoiceCenter 5.5 based on the CCXML Last Call Working Draft.


CCXML is an open-standard markup language that works independently or with VoiceXML to add advanced call control features to telephony applications. Leveraging CCXML's IP, XML and HTTP-based foundation, enterprises can take advantage of advanced call control features including conferencing, call center integration, outbound notification, call queuing and intelligent call routing to reduce service costs and increase caller satisfaction.
"CCXML enabled us to design and deliver key call control and IVR applications in under four weeks," said Mho Salim, with Corybant Inc., a Voxeo Customer. "Prior to CCXML, call control applications were overly arcane and difficult to implement. Corybant is pleased to see CCXML progressing quickly through the W3C standards process."

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