Voxpilot Launches Its VideoMail Solution

CANNES, France - Voxpilot deployed it's Turnkey Mobile Video Messaging Solution, enabling operators to deploy and offer to their subscribers VideoMail services in 3G networks.

Voxpilot has packaged a VideoMail Turnkey Solution consisting of hardware, software and installation.  Hosted on a server with 2000 mailboxes, it functions like a visual voicemail repository, allowing callers to leave video messages that the recipient may subsequently retrieve. Voxpilot's VideoMail Turnkey solution uses NMS Communications' Open Access™ technology, including Video Access™.

It includes a dual audio and video messaging application for 3G mobile network. When callers are diverted to VideoMail they are greeted in video or audio mode depending on the terminal and network they used (landline, 2G, 3G). In video mode, the caller is greeted with the personal video clip of the subscriber and may leave video messages for the subscriber to retrieve later.  Subscribers are notified of new messages via SMS. Those who wish to retrieve their video messages are greeted with an interactive video/audio interface. Subscribers may also manage their personal video clip by recording the message via the phone terminal itself or by employing pre-recorded video clips, possibly downloaded from a video content provider partner via the Web.

The VideoMail application also supports non-3G mobile devices by offering an audio-only interactive voice interface.
Product Features

Video Server Hardware
4U rack-mount server (UltraSPARC IIIi 1.062GHz)
Redundant power supply and Ethernet
NMS CG 6000-2L/4TE Fusion
NMS TX 4040
Sun Solaris 8
Open Standards
3G-324M standard
AMR, H.263, G.711 codecs
H245 control
SMPPv3 short message center
Telecoms Interconnect
E1/ 30 channels, T1/ 24
Web-based console

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