Voxware Announces General Availability of its Cloud-Based Voice Solution

Voxware, a provider of voice solutions, today announced the general availability of its Cloud Voice Management Suite (Cloud VMS). 

Voxware announced the beta version of Cloud VMS in July . Shortly thereafter, Hollywood Feed, a provider of natural and holistic pet food, as well as ancillary services, selected Voxware's Cloud VMS to help improve its product fulfillment processes. Implementation of the software took just 11 days, enabling Hollywood Feed to immediately leverage the product's key capabilities.  To date, all Hollywood Feed users have been trained, completed practice assignments, and are currently using the solution in their daily operations.

"It is rare that an outside team can come in and integrate so easily within an organization; however, Voxware was able to achieve that," said Shawn McGhee, president of Hollywood Feed. "We found that Voxware truly cares about our users, customers, and the success of our company's short- and long-term goals. While there were a variety of factors that led us to select Voxware, I can attest today that they are a good fit for our operation and are already achieving tangible results.

Voxware has also created a self-evaluation tool that allows companies to determine whether a cloud-based voice solution is right for its business objectives. This tool is available free to all visitors of the Voxware Web site at Get Cloud VMS. With this tool, Voxware has streamlined the considerations that an organization needs to evaluate as it chooses a method to enhance productivity, safety, and brand loyalty.

Key benefits of Cloud VMS:

  • Ease of use: Users do not need technical expertise to employ Cloud VMS; they simply complete a questionnaire before receiving a ready-to-deploy product;
  • No IT overhead: Cloud VMS can run without an IT infrastructure, eliminating costs associated with server hardware, maintenance, and IT personnel;
  • Time-to-value: The delivery time is significantly shorter than the fastest full-fledged voice solution; 
  • Future-proof: Users receive automatic software updates, as well as hardware refreshes, to ensure they are always leveraging the latest technologies;
  • No warehouse management system necessary: Small operations that run without a WMS can now realize the benefits of a voice solution; and
  • Straightforward SaaS model.

"With Cloud VMS, we have developed a low-cost, high-impact voice option for smaller to mid-size operations that delivers the same level of quality as our flagship on-premise offering," said Keith Phillips, president and CEO of Voxware, in a statement. "Introducing voice solutions to a new customer base extends our market potential and adds range to our well known product line. Evolving our voice solution and taking it to the cloud was a natural extension for us. The ease with which we can deploy and manage Cloud VMS simplifies our customers' installation processes and drives better business results." 

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