Water Companies Select Virtual Solution from Fluency

LONDON - Four of the UK's water companies: South East Water, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Bristol Water and Wessex Water selected Fluency's PaymentCapture™ speech recognition service.

The new system, called PaymentCapture™, offers customers a way to pay their water bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in line with Ofwat, the industry regulator's recommendations.
Nigel Hammond of Sutton and East Surrey Water says, "The new speech recognition system provides an excellent service for people wanting to pay their bills, allowing us to drive collection rates and help meet customer service targets set by Ofwat. The virtual agent is a real voice, operated by advanced software that will give our customers another convenient way to pay. Paying bills is often a leisure-time activity, so offering a telephone service 24/7 will make it easier for customers to pay their bills anytime, day or night, whilst also increasing collection rates."

Fluency's PaymentCapture™ is a hosted debit and credit card payment hotline service that helps utilities realize cost savings, increased efficiency and accuracy benefits of modern customer self-service applications. This solution improves customer service and cuts operational costs with minimum upfront investment.  It is part of Utilities Hub, a range of speech applications designed for the utilities sector, which has handled over 9 million calls in the UK to date.

PaymentCapture™ speech recognition system allows callers to speak their details directly to the system. The service collects credit and debit card details and obtains bank authorization (APACS 30) and transaction settlement (APACS 29) where required.

Try PaymentCapture™ for yourself by calling:

 +44 (0) 870 190 8030

You will need to use:
Reference number:   29330-2
Name:    Alex Richmond
Postcode:    TD1 9JW
Credit Card No: 5301 2552 2880 6753 (or use your own)
Expiry Date:  02/06

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