Witness Systems Extends Performance Analysis Capabilities with CallMiner Partnership

ATLANTA, GA - Witness Systems (NASDAQ: WITS), a provider of performance optimization software and services, announced a strategic alliance with CallMiner Inc., a provider of speech recognition and trending technologies designed for the contact center market. Using Witness Systems' eQuality customer interaction recording software in conjunction with CallMiner's CoreEngine and TrendMiner solutions, joint customers will benefit from the ability to capture and evaluate customer intelligence gathered in their contact centers, as well as perform speech analysis and detailed trending on the information. The end result will provide organizations with in-depth analysis on emerging trends, new opportunities and improvement areas - all through statistics and interactive charting that includes the frequency of topics and subjects that are most prominent in customer interactions. For example, users can spot areas they need to analyze further through CallMiner's trending charts, such as when a competitor's name is mentioned repeatedly during customer interactions. Similarly, if the phrase "cancel my account" spikes from an average of 25 to 100 times in a day, a company would be alerted to the growing number of dissatisfied customers. After reviewing the trends, users can focus on implementing the appropriate actions to address the situation and retain the business. According to industry analysts, companies that capture and analyze customer contacts and intelligence are better positioned to make an impact on enhancing customer experiences, cutting costs, increasing service levels and improving quality management. Coupled with automation tools that analyze the content of voice calls, or call center audio streams, and proactively identify recurring themes, topics, issues and trends, organizations will be better prepared to make informed decisions that benefit customers, as well as the company's bottom line. Speech recognition can have an impact on such improvements, including enterprise effectiveness, ROI and customer satisfaction. According to one report, revenue from core speech technologies will grow from $505 million in 2001 to $2 billion by 2006. "Each day, millions of hours of customer calls are captured and only a fraction of that information is extracted to uncover trends in customer and agent interactions. In an increasingly global and competitive marketplace, businesses require real-time intelligence and information to meet customer demands," said Jeff Gallino, CEO of CallMiner. "Together, CallMiner and Witness Systems provide a comprehensive offering that makes this information available to management. We are pleased at the opportunity to partner with Witness Systems to augment its industry-leading eQuality suite."
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