Wizzard Licenses AT&T Natural Voices for Server Edition SDK to CommPower

CommPower has chosen Wizzard's ATandT Natural Voices for Server Edition Software Development Kit offering for use in its CommPower Text-to-Speech Broadcasting System (CTBS).

CommPower creates solutions for the U.S. Defense Department, NATO allies, the National Weather Service (NWS), the FAA, the U.S. intelligence community, European and Canadian prime government contractors.  Headquartered in Camarillo, Calif., CommPower maintains a technical support office in Dublin, Ireland, providing local assistance to their customers in Western Europe. 

CTBS runs on a desktop or server PC (Windows 2K and XP) that would typically connect to the customer's local area network. The primary function of CTBS is to read ASCII text messages from pre-defined directories and convert the ASCII text messages into digitized voice (WAV) files using ATandT's Natural Voices TTS engine. The digitized (WAV) files are stored in their respective directories and subsequently scheduled for broadcast (output) to internal voice processing boards and/or transferred to external destinations (via the local area network).

CTBS assigns a separate server process to each of the available voice types (English, Spanish, German, French, Korean). The individual server processes allow CTBS to perform ASCII-to-WAV file conversions. For each ASCII text message, a client process is initialized that communicates with the applicable (language, gender) server process. When conversion is complete the applicable client process is terminated.

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