Wizzard, MedivoxRx Add Canadian Distributor for Rex-The Talking Prescription Bottle

MAVC Health and Wellness  will distribute Rex-The Talking Prescription Bottle in Canada. Located in Toronto, MAVC Health and Wellness is a provider of health and wellness programs and products, specializing in a range of memory improvement related programs.

Rex-The Talking Prescription Bottle is an assistive device for individuals who are elderly, blind, vision impaired, illiterate or who for any reason have difficulty reading or understanding their medication labels. Rex verbally identifies bottle contents through the push of a button, and also allows the user to hear recorded medication instructions or any other important message about their medication.

MAVC will distribute Rex-The Talking Prescription Bottle and its automated text-to-speech technology to pharmacies who will then dispense medications in Rex to their customers who can benefit from this assistance. The pharmacy technology allows pharmacists to electronically record the label information to the bottle in a natural-sounding, computer-generated voice and works in conjunction with the pharmacy's current software and data. As the pharmacist sends the label information to the printer, the label information is captured by the Rex software, converted into speech and recorded into the bottle.

MAVC will also distribute Rex Starter Kits which can be purchased directly by the consumer for personal use as well as Rex Refill Kits which contain additional bottles. The Starter Kit includes a bottle recorder with a microphone that allows verbal recording of information into the bottle. Thus, the consumer can record their own bottles in addition to obtaining their prescriptions in bottles recorded by the pharmacist. The patient or a patient's helper can then use the bottles for over the counter medications, vitamins, etc. As with bottles recorded by the pharmacist, to playback the recorded information, the users press a button on the base of the bottle and listen to the message.

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