Wondercraft Launches Parrot Mode for Audio Ad Creation

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Wondercraft, an audio studio provider, is today unveiling features for creative teams to produce studio-quality audio. These include Parrot Mode, a feature that enables users to tell AI voices exactly how to deliver lines.

Wondercraft's platform enables anyone to script, voice, and produce audio for podcasts, ads, and audiobooks in any language, simply by typing. By turning on Parrot Mode in Wondercraft's text-based audio editor, users can direct AI voices in their productions by speaking into their computer mic to demonstrate how they'd like a line to be delivered. The selected AI voice will precisely mimic the user's desired tone, pace, and intonation

"Parrot Mode is a game-changer for all audio creators, but audio advertisers in particular. And with collaborative tools, brands can now minimize time-consuming feedback loops and achieve their vision without compromising on quality. Don't like the intonation on the second line? Want a darker voice? An Australian accent? Different music? Have it all in French? Creative feedback that normally takes days to turn around with a new creative version takes seconds with Wondercraft. These features are key parts of our new enterprise solution which we are going to market with in Q2. We’re excited to be working with some of the biggest names in audio already, with more partners set to onboard in the coming months," said Oskar Serrander, co-founder of Wondercraft, in a statement.

Wondercraft is also today revealing a suite of tools to streamline the creative audio production process across internal stakeholders, agencies, vendors, and clients.

Via Workspaces, team members can now seamlessly collaborate on scripts, share real-time feedback on projects, share workspace-specific cloned voices, and upload original music and custom pronunciations. With one link, external stakeholders can be invited to a project to review scripts, make comments, and approve final creatives. 

Wondercraft is also rapidly scaling the audio resources available to its users, recently introducing more than 200 new voices covering more than 50 language accent pairs and hundreds of new music tracks to the platform.

"We are quickly scaling up the number of synthetic voices, music, and sound effects available on Wondercraft, with the vision of offering endless creative options to brands and creators. And we're only just getting started. Despite the meteoric popularity of podcasting and music-streaming around the world, the audio industry remains undervalued. Time and cost of producing audio are major barriers to entry that hinders growth. By making audio creation as easy and cost-efficient as visual design, we want to help turn the audio industry into a place of abundance. We want to activate more audio storytellers and better serve the millions of advertisers that today prefer to spend on Google, Meta, and TikTok because of the easy accessibility and creative-forward experience," Serrander continued.

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