Yap Converts Voicemails to Text for iPhone

Yap today announced the availability of Yap Voicemail for iPhone. The free application automatically converts voicemails into text, making it easier and more convenient to access, search and respond to voice messages. iPhone users running iOS4.1 can download Yap Voicemail by going to http://itunes.com/Yap/YapVoicemail.

Yap Voicemail brings a number of important improvements to iPhone’s standard voicemail experience.

  • Quickly Read Voicemail Messages: Listening to long and tedious voice messages is a common gripe. Now, Yap Voicemail lets users glance at their iPhones to quickly preview messages and determine whether they require immediate attention. In addition, users are able to check their voice message in situations like business meetings or loud settings where listening to messages is not practical.
  • Find Important Messages Quickly: Instead of listening to each message until finding that critical piece of information, Yap Voicemail lets users type in a few keywords that describe what they are searching. Yap Voicemail displays transcriptions of all of the voice messages that match.
  • Reply Using Email and Text Messages: Just because someone called and left a message doesn’t mean a return phone call is required. Thanks to reply functionality that is integrated with iPhone's native SMS and email, Yap Voicemail lets users conveniently and quickly respond to voicemail messages via a text message or email.

Yap Voicemail is powered by Yap’s fully automated speech recognition technology. This is the same technology used by wireless carriers and service providers charging as much as $5-$10 per month for voicemail-to-text services. Yap Voicemail offers identical performance at no cost to iPhone users.

“Converting voice messages into text revitalizes iPhone’s voicemail experience making it a much more powerful and convenient communications tool,” says Igor Jablokov, CEO of Yap. “By removing all pricing barriers, this superior service is something all iPhone users can now enjoy.”

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