Yap to Deliver Faster, More Accurate Platform

Yap, the world’s first provider of fully automated voicemail-to-text for communications service providers, announced it has achieved significant accuracy and speed improvements in its latest platform release.

With this release, the company is delivering a number of highly anticipated enhancements including turnaround times that are twice as fast and an estimated conversion accuracy improvement of more than 50 percent.

“The communications market wants a fully automated speech-to-text solution that’s scalable, fast and private,” said Igor Jablokov, CEO of Yap. “And with this latest platform release, we are now approaching accuracy levels of competitive products that use human transcription.”

Yap’s voice-to-text platform enables mobile applications such as spoken SMS and instant messaging, voice search, and voicemail-to-text. For service providers, Yap’s voicemail-to-text creates significant voice and text uplift and reduces the tendency for callers to hang up instead of leaving voicemail. By receiving their messages quickly as text, subscribers easily create a message cycle that drives minutes of use, data, and SMS traffic.

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