ZOW Selects Voxpilot's VSP to Launch its Innovative Entertainment Suite in Europe

ZOW, a provider of telephony entertainment, brings its audio entertainment services to Europe by partnering with Voxpilot, a pan-European VoiceXML Voice Service Provider.

ZOW's technology drives the various ZOW genre/engines using Complex Intelligence to create Virtual Performers who interact with each other and with human participants to simulate dynamic, personalized, information and entertainment for Telephony, Interactive TV, Internet/PC, Streaming Video, and more.

ZOW's mission is to introduce a new mass medium--Telephone Shows--integrated, interactive, conversational and fully theatrical audio entertainment for every telephone. Voxpilot Ltd. is a pan-European VoiceXML development portal, offering a range of tools and services for developers, including a multilingual online development environment, a VoiceXML gateway, VSP hosting, and local access telephone numbers for development and deployment in all major European markets. ZOW's partnership with Voxpilot will enable entertainment content providers and network carriers to offer their customers a new experience by delivering a form of entertainment that is interactive, conversational and fully theatrical.

"We are extremely proud that ZOW has chosen Voxpilot's VSP to bring its innovative Telephone Shows to users all over Europe," said Dr. Jon Alcantara, CEO of Voxpilot. "ZOW's revolutionary approach adds a whole new dimension to the area of voice-driven services, bringing the attraction of the entertainment industry to the telephone. We believe that this will result in a whole new family of services for delivering entertainment over the telephone."

Gedaliah Gurfein, CEO of ZOW, underscored, "We have already been overwhelmed with the content owners' desire to create new revenue and exposure inside this exploding new medium. And telecom views us as a 'knight in shining armor' because of the millions of minutes we drive their way. The bottom line is that people love ZOW's Telephone Shows. They're fun, cool and easy."

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