eSpindle Learning Selects Wizzard Software for Online Tutoring Program

PITTSBURGH - eSpindle Learning Inc. has chosen Wizzard's ATandT Natural Voices Speech Engine offering for use in their customized online tutoring of English spelling exercises.  The Sebastopol, Calif.-based eSpindle Learning is an educational nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing tutoring support in English spelling through online technology.  eSpindle Learning creates custom learning quizzes based on the individual's goals, skills and personal "problem words."

"A lot of TTS voices still sound very mechanical and lifeless," said Rosevita Ward, president and founder of eSpindle. "Mike and Crystal (ATandT Natural Voices) overall have a very human way of pronouncing the words, with quite a bit of modulation and variation of emphasis."

"Also, the Wizzard team has been approachable and supportive from the very beginning", Ward noted.  "Wizzard Software has made this project possible."

Drawing on a database of more than 95,000 words, this new online spelling tutor creates learning quizzes based on each user's goals, skill level, and learning profile.  eSpindle will help users achieve dramatic, measurable and lasting results in building their spelling and vocabulary skills regardless of their age or previous level of proficiency. 

Users can specify their personal goals and skill level to: receive tutoring to improve verbal skills and school grades; avoid commonly misspelled words; learn English as a second language; enhance home school studies; gain a stronger vocabulary; overcome learning disabilities; and exercise their memorization skills.  It also has a custom module that allows members to prepare for the National Spelling Bee.

Each word is presented with an on-demand audio file powered by ATandT's Natural Voices speech engine, definition, sample sentence and links to online resources. A member's database profile registers which words are already mastered and repeats those that need practice until they are learned, all the while tracking work accomplished.

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