iVoice Unveils iVoice LITE 3.2

MATAWAN, NJ - iVoice Inc. announces iVoice LITE 3.2, the Virtual Communications Associate. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, supporting up to 40 entries, iVoice LITE 3.2 uses the latest speech recognition technology and works with Microsoft Exchange servers to unify daily communication tasks including email and voice mail. According to Jerry Mahoney of iVoice Inc., iVoice's capabilities extend beyond a simple messaging system to provide the industry's first associate. "Given the influx of messages people receive each day, many of us could really use an office Associate. But the reality is that few of us can afford to hire a real person." "With iVoice, you can ensure you'll never miss an important call from a customer or co-worker. Not only can iVoice's locate feature use several contact methods to find you, but it also reads and replies to emails from any location," stated Mahoney. iVoice's locate feature supports increasing mobility needs and extends the office environment for workers by allowing callers to connect to them even when they are away from their desk. Users no longer miss important calls and the practice of providing callers with multiple contact numbers is eliminated. Moreover, many callers zero out of existing touch-tone automated answering systems because they find them difficult to use. iVoice alleviates this problem by allowing callers to reach people and departments by stating the name of the party they wish to reach, eliminating the need to remember extension numbers or navigate through touch-tone menus and dial by name directories. iVoice LITE includes the Speech Enabled Auto Attendant , Unified Messaging, Voice Mail Module and Text-to-Speech, with support for four ports and up to 40 users, all for under $3,000.00. Additionally, iVoice Standard's base configuration provides four ports for up to 50 users and is expandable to 24 ports for up to 2,000 users.
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