inContact Expands Cloud-Based Call Center Portfolio

InContact, a provider of on-demand call center software and call center agent optimization tools, today announced major enhancements to its inContact platform. The inContact cloud-based platform has been expanded to include a new predictive dialer, quality monitoring, and screen recording solutions.

These new solutions, tightly integrated with the inContact automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), and other workforce optimization applications, will enable call centers to further optimize the service experience and offer a differentiated experience for every customer.

“Our vision is to optimize the entire cycle of the customer experience and maximize the value of every step along the path of that interaction,” said Jim Tanner, executive vice president of product and strategy at inContact. “We built the inContact portfolio based on a powerful, unified workflow and process engine, which integrates all of our solutions on a single scripting platform. This very unique approach enables us to enhance every customer interaction, to optimize the agent experience, and to make it easy for contact center personnel to seamlessly manage their day-to-day business operations using solutions.”

Tightly integrated with the inContact survey and recording solutions, the inContact Quality Management system enables call center managers to see a holistic view of agent performance and the overall customer experience. It allows managers to identify skill gaps and gain insights to train more profitable agents and deliver a brand-differentiating customer experience.

The system provides specific details about each agent’s performance that can be used to help individual agents and provide data that can be used in training and coaching programs. The solution also provides data that can be used to identify patterns in customer complaints and refine operations, as well as give insights into call centers to use for service recovery to help acquire and retain customers. Key benefits of the system include:

  • Custom QM form builder;
  • Integrated audio recording;
  • Association to ECHO feedback survey results;
  • Supervisor reporting; and
  • Real-time score notifications to the agent.

inContact Screen Recording incorporates screen recording capability with an enterprise-level ACD solution to ensure regulatory compliance and provide a complete view of agent/customer interactions. The solution gives call center managers access to a very sophisticated, customizable screen recording solution that works around business rules and scripting. The solution can be configured by either the customer or the inContact Professional Services team and changed at anytime to meet regulatory and business requirements. Key features include:

  • Voice channel recording;
  • Audio recording association;
  • Simultaneous recording;
  • Flexible playback;
  • Bandwidth resource control; and
  • Multi-monitor recording.

Ultimately, the new predictive dialer, quality monitoring, and screen recording solutions enable call centers to maximize the value of every customer interaction and optimize the overall customer experience.

“As we expand the award-winning inContact portfolio, our goal is to continue to enhance the entire cycle of every interaction, optimizing self-service, agent performance, and customer satisfaction," Tanner said. "The cloud delivery model enables us to provide these capabilities more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before, and allows contact centers of all sizes to make this technology work as a catalyst for the growth of their businesses.”

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