TELUS Studios Turns to Nexidia Dialogue Search

TELUS Studios has installed Nexidia Dialogue Search software as part of a migration to a new digital asset management (DAM) system. Nexidia Dialogue Search software helps users locate content in TELUS Studios' large content library.

"The economy of video production is such that we need to reuse video whenever possible, and Nexidia Dialogue Search helps us do it. We don't have to add metadata manually and, unlike search solutions from other vendors, we don't have to create a user interface. Instead we get a simple yet full-featured user experience," said Ronald Knol, senior technology consultant at TELUS Studios, in a statement. "Nexidia Dialogue Search is another tool in our toolbox to easily locate media that we can repurpose. This reduces the cost of production substantially and results in TELUS Studios being extremely competitive."

TELUS Studios is an internal creative agency producing videos for various TELUS business units. TELUS Studios completes more than 300 video productions a year, often capturing hours of digital content per project, including extensive interviews and sophisticated b-roll imagery. Within its post-production facilities, TELUS Studios adds roughly 500 hours of content each year to a DAM that already occupies about 100 terabytes of storage.

With Nexidia Dialogue Search, users can type a search term to search the entire DAM and find every single clip in which those words were spoken. From there, they can instantly check the clips to see if any portion is reusable. Nexidia Dialogue Search works in the background and continuously indexes the proxy storage in TELUS' DAM.

"TELUS Studios draws from an immense media library to create its multi-award-winning work, and now they have a tool that not only lets them dive deeper into their DAM, but makes the production process far more efficient," said Tim Murphy, senior director of product management at Nexidia's Media & Entertainment Division, in a statement. "Adding Nexidia Dialogue Search to the TELUS Studios library adds substantial amounts of metadata to help them find and make better use of the content they own."

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