Domino's Now Taking Orders from Apple Watch

Domino's now has yet another way for customers to place their pizza delivery orders: The company is adding Apple Watch to its lineup of ordering capabilities beginning today.

"Ordering via Apple Watch is the latest addition to a growing list of technology that customers can use to place and track their Easy Order from anywhere, at any time, using any device they want," said Dennis Maloney, Domino's vice president and chief digital officer, in a statement. "Apple Watch marks Domino's ninth platform in the suite of AnyWare technology."

Earlier this month, Domino's introduced an app that allows consumers to order pizza via voice commands through the Amazon Echo device.

Domino's is the first national pizza company in the United States to launch ordering capabilities via Apple Watch. In January, Domino's U.K. announced that its customers could use its Easy Order app for Apple Watch.

To order via Apple Watch, Domino's customers must have Pizza Profiles with a saved Easy Order. Customers can also use the Domino's Tracker to track the status of their orders, from the moment it is placed to when it goes out on delivery or is ready for carryout, on Apple Watch.

To experience Domino's on Apple Watch, simply download Domino's ordering app for iOS from the App Store and turn on "Show App on Apple Watch" in your watch's app settings.

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