Biometric Software Startup Hoyos Labs Relaunches as Veridium

Hoyos Labs, a provider of biometrics-based authentication technologies, has rebranded as Veridium and launched an end-to-end biometric authentication solution, VeridiumID, which can replace passwords completely using face, voice, or fingerprints to authenticate individuals.

VeridumID is a server-based system for biometric authentication that works with enterprises' mobile apps and Veridium's front-end mobile SDK. VeridiumID can separate biometric data into pieces using visual cryptography. This method distributes and stores biometric data between the server and smartphone, making it difficult for hackers to compromise or steal a complete biometric vector.

VeridiumID can be hosted in the cloud or deployed on premises. The administrative dashboard offers companies full control over their users. VeridiumID accommodates multiple plug-and-play biometric libraries, including Veridium's own 4 Fingers TouchlessID, and integrates with existing enterprise environments, including support for Active Directory or a FIDO authenticator.

VeridiumID also offers liveness detection capabilities, which distinguish between a living person and an image, video, or 3D mold.

"We're going to replace what you know (passwords) with what you are (biometrics) to safeguard enterprises from fraud and data breaches," said Todd Shollenbarger, chief operations officer at Veridium, in a statement. "It's a simple goal, but there are a litany of reasons why biometrics have not yet been adopted on a widespread basis, including high cost, the complexity of implementation and, perhaps ironically, security concerns. Our flagship solution VeridiumID solves all of these issues. We lower costs and address implementation challenges because we can use SaaS delivery for the back-end technology and users' smartphones as the image capture device to authenticate. We're making biometric authentication a solution of today, not tomorrow."

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