Allstate Adds Alexa Voice Capability

Allstate Insurance is releasing a new account-specific skill for Amazon's Alexa voice service. Now, customers with an Alexa device, such as Amazon Echo, can ask Alexa for help finding details like the due date or minimum amount due on their next bills. Among some of its other tasks, Alexa can also assist with locating the nearest Allstate agency office by ZIP code.

"Allstate has a history of innovation, and consumers expect that to continue from us," said Allstate's vice president of digital and user experience, Roger Tye, in a statement. "Amazon's innovation with Alexa provided a great avenue for us to connect with our customers in a delightful way, providing them useful information when, where, and how they want it."

Allstate customers can enable the Allstate skill from the Skills section of the Amazon Alexa app. Once the Allstate skill is enabled, customers can invoke the skill by saying, 'Alexa, ask Allstate…'.

"This is a new platform for us, but we continuously look for innovative ways to reach our consumers directly and make it easy to do business with Allstate," Tye said.

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