Cognitive Code's SILVIA Conversational Platform Offers On-Device Activity

Cognitive Code, creators of the SILVIA Intelligence Platform, is offering a solution for developing conversationally intelligent applications for toys, Internet of Things (IoT), and other connected devices.

Cognitive Code's SILVIA Intelligence Platform offers security features that heavily encrypt and lock private data to the device. Cognitive Code's SILVIA technology operates natively on mobile devices, without the need of an internet connection.

"Other systems take your voice input and then send it up to the internet, where servers process the data and send back the reply. SILVIA handles all user interactions on the device, and it never sends voice data to the cloud. If the application does need to connect to the internet, it only sends the interpreted intent of the user," said Leslie Spring, founder and CEO of Cognitive Code, in a statement.

Cognitive Code's SILVIA intelligence technology is a cross-platform system for developing and deploying conversationally intelligent applications. It can be deployed in compact and secure environments and even be embedded at the silicon level. The SILVIA Platform allows for the development of conversational applications without the use of markup languages or programming.

Cognitive Code is in closed beta testing of its new development tool, SILVIA Studio, and is targeting the release of a free version of the software later this summer.

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