Aculab Launches VoiSentry, New Biometric Speaker Verification System

Aculab, a provider of development APIs for voice, fax, speech, and SMS, is pleased to announce the launch of its biometric speaker verification system. Aculab’s voice biometric system, is designed to enable its customers to add voice authentication solutions to any business application. VoiSentry will provide companies with the ability to quickly and cost-effectively add speaker verification functionality to their applications, whether on-premise or for cloud-based delivery.

As a result, businesses using such solutions will be able to replace costly, time-consuming and frustrating, inquisition-like identity verification processes, simply by allowing their customers to authenticate with their voice.

For solutions developers or providers offering services to multiple clients, VoiSentry presents an ideal option. A multi-tenant contact center solution, for example, can offer speaker verification as a customer interaction security feature, simply, and conveniently, to individual businesses, each according to its needs. Each business has full, independent control over the creation of datasets against which its users’ enrollment and verification attempts are performed.

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