Nearly Two-Thirds of People Don't Depend on IoT Devices For Their Everyday Lives

Most people (64%) say they don't depend on their connected devices to accomplish daily activities, nearly twice as many as the 36% who indicate they depend on their devices to get through their daily lives.

new survey by Clutch, a B2B research, ratings, and reviews company, finds that 67% people who own a connected device own a smart home appliance such as a smart fridge, oven, or TV.

About one-third (35%) own a wearable device, and 27% own a digital assistant such as a Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Most Use Connected Devices Daily to Access Important Information--64% of people use their connected devices daily; typically to access important personal information regarding health, home, and news. Nearly 40% of those surveyed say access to important information is the primary benefit of using a connected device.

Many Users Uncertain if Personal Data Is Shared Across Multiple Devices--People who give their connected device access to personal information such as health data, they allow third parties to use this data. Concerns about data security and privacy are compounded by the uncertainty people have about how their data is shared across devices. And 40% of people say their data is shared across multiple connected devices, but  29% say they don't know if their data is shared across devices.

People Don't Connect Their IoT Devices to Each Other--Only 9% of people use their connected devices in a networked capacity: to access the same applications from multiple connected devices. One reason people don't connect multiple IoT or "smart" devices to the same applications is that some smart devices aren't compatible with each other, a challenge that is particularly evident with smart home appliances. The lack of compatibility creates a barrier to entry for average users who don't have the skills, patience, or budget to create an individual network of devices. This barrier gives people pause when considering whether to invest in a connected device in the future. More than half of people (53%) surveyed say they do not plan to invest in a connected device in the next year.

Clutch surveyed 503 people about the connected devices they own, use cases, and investment plans.

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