Solutions that are the Critical Lifeline of Insight Especially in Time of Rapid Change

Daniel Ziv's headshotAs the world continues to change, we need to adapt quickly. We need to listen to changing customer needs and concerns and have full visibility into interactions between customers and our workforce.

Increased call volumes are putting significant pressure on contact center agents while they transition to a work-from-home environment. This new working environment, with limited peer and IT support, requires more attention and updates to systems, processes and policies.

Organizations are looking for ways to identify the critical 20% of interactions that need to reach a human channel while deflecting the other 80% which can be effectively served through digital channels.

Verint’s Speech and Text Analytics mine 100% of unstructured human-to-human interactions, and provide the insight and visibility needed to address these challenges. These powerful solutions help leading organizations understand customers’ most critical questions and concerns and the call drivers causing the most confusion and frustration. These real-time insights help drive the right answers and best strategies to enable the workforce and update digital and self-service solutions.

Verint Speech and Text Analytics solutions are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and can automatically surface trends and changes in customer behaviors and emotions. With more than a thousand deployments around the world in over 70 languages, these solutions have become a critical lifeline of insight especially in time of rapid change. The solutions have a long history of improving customer experience and sales performance, driving efficiency and cost reductions, reducing customer churn and a proven record of ROI.

To learn more about Verint’s Speech and Text Analytics, click here.

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