Speakeasy AI Releases Sky, a Voice Bot with Enhanced Conversational AI

Speakeasy AI has released a conversational voice bot, Sky, which works seamlessly within other Speakeasy AI solutions, including Amplify customer journey reporting and Nerv, its custom voice neural net.

Speakeasy AI can now allow for management of complete conversational AI experiences within Sky while maintaining bring-your-own-bot capabilities within voice channels. Customers can deploy Speakeasy AI with or without existing digital chatbots.

Sky's conversation management allows for AI orchestration with bots talking to other bots. Sky can manage conversations across the breadth of self-service customer journeys and engagements.

Sky empowers Speakeasy AI users to tailor conversation flows that leverage context wrappers to ensure multiple intents can be recognized during a customer conversation. This means appropriate actions can be initiated across varied contexts in play. While taking a hotel reservation the user might ask about parking fees; Sky can provide an answer and then resume the reservation.

Sky can gather information to make bookings and complete processes. Sky's entity extraction component uses Speakeasy AI's patent-pending speech-to-intent technology that doesn't rely on transcription alone.

Open APIs are available to connect to back-end systems with the help of a conversation flow designer. The conversation flow designer takes a drag-and-drop studio pallet approach to allow business users to craft custom voice flows.

"We set out to create a conversational AI manager that gives real power and control to users around industry standards like entities and slots," said Speakeasy AI's chief technology officer, Moshe Villaizan, in a statement. "Sky circumvents traditional design issues while enabling true customization and control. The full Speakeasy AI solution provides a powerful foundation of trust between AI and the business it serves."

"Providing a conversational management tool that is agile, powerful, and understandable is key to achieving conversational AI that works for businesses and customers," said Speakeasy AI CEO Frank Schneider, in a statement. "Moshe and our team have created a full solution that will define conversational AI practices moving forward, and, most importantly, serve our customers and their customers' needs."

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