Voice App Lab Launches Game Box

Voice App Lab, a voice apps pioneer, has launched "Game Box," a collection of fully visualized voice games exclusively for Amazon Alexa devices.

Each game can be played by up to four players. The skill includes five casual games:

  • "Hot Balloon," where players pass a balloon to the next person before it pops.
  • "Cut Wire," where players cut wires on a bomb using numbers.
  • "Unlock," where players turn the dial to open the safe only using sounds.
  • "Great Escape," where players bring back escaped zoo animals using memory.
  • "Whack-A-Mole," where players whack moles with split-second judgment.

"There aren't many games yet that take advantage of the potential of screen-equipped smart speakers. I thought that voice games should have easy-to-understand visuals and animations to make people of all ages have more fun," said Toru Kobayashi, CEO of Voice App Lab, in a statement. "All the games in the Game Box are casual and playable by everyone and attract players with a voice-specific game style. By allowing for multiplayer game play with up to four people, the entire family can have a good time and strengthen their bond."

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