Sitel Partners with Krisp to Deploy Noise-Cancelling Software

Sitel Group, a customer experience management provider, has partnered with Krisp Technologies to deploy Krisp, an artificial intelligence-based noise suppression tool that mutes background noise for agents and customers during calls. The technology is being deployed both for Sitel Group's contact centers and for Sitel at Home agents working remotely.

Sitel was the first business process outsourcer to deploy the technology through Krisp Technology's Early Access Program. During those trials, Sitel has seen a 6 percent lower average handle time by eliminating the need to repeat information to customers, an 8 percent jump in customer satisfaction scores, and improved sales.

"At Sitel Group, we are committed to investing in artificial intelligence as part of our strategy to improve the employee experience and the customer experience for our clients' customers," said Ryan Maund, chief product and innovation officer at Sitel, in a statement. "Our strategic partnership with Krisp and our deployment of Krisp is the perfect example of a product that supports digital deflection of customer interactions and provides superior customer experiences for our clients and their customers through live voice interactions."

With Krisp, Sitel agents can mute background noise from inbound and outbound calls. It uses artificial intelligence to learn Sitel associates' voice and speech patterns and adds an additional layer between the physical microphone and the desktop speaker. Krisp's processing is located in the agent's desktop memory and does not store call recordings or personally identifiable information. The software works with all wired and wireless headsets, microphones, and speakers.

"We are thrilled to work with Sitel and deploy Krisp for thousands of agents around the world," said Robert Schoenfield, chief operating officer at Krisp, in a statement. "By eliminating background noise from customer calls, Sitel will be able to set a higher standard in customer experience, thus creating less attrition and more sales for its clients."

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