Auraya Makes EVA Voice Biometrics Available on Okta Integration Network

Auraya, a provider of voice biometric technology, today made its EVA Web Voice Biometrics available on the Okta Integration Network.

EVA Web is a web-based voice biometric solution that enables organizations to verify the identity of customers and employees who need to access secure services or personal data online. EVA Web uses SAML (security assertion markup language) to maintain authentication integrity and security, allowing Okta customers to integrate EVA Web into websites that require two-factor authentication, such as portal logins.

"Many organizations are adopting multifactor authentication strategies to improve the security of customer data and protect their customers and their brands from fraudsters who attempt account takeover and other malicious attacks," Paul Magee, president and executive director of Auraya Systems, said in a statement. "Voice biometrics enables customers to simply say the digits displayed on their screen to provide a secure yet very convenient confirmation of identity, allowing secure access to services and systems. EVA web can be used in messaging and chat applications for secure and personalized self-service. We are proud to be part of the Okta integration network, simplifying the process for Okta customers to turn on an EVA voice biometric factor."

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