Williams AV Launches Convey Video for Real-Time Translation,  Captioning, and Archiving

Williams AV has launched Convey Video, a real-time language translation, open captioning, and archiving system for the pro audio and video industry.

Powered by Google's artificial intelligence platform, Convey Video can transcribe up to 27 languages and more than 70 dialects with up to 94 percent accuracy. In addition to real-time continuous translation, Convey Video provides speech-to-text transcription and archiving of all events.

"Convey Video is a transformational solution that changes the game in real-time video-based translation," said CEO and president of Williams AV, Brad Kautzer, in a statemen. "Utilizing leading-edge AI-based technology, Convey Video enhances communications across boundaries and languages. Whether it is enhancing comprehension in higher education, translation and recording in judicial, medical, and law enforcement, or improving global business communications effectiveness, Convey Video does what no other solution can offer. Using the latest available technology integrated into one package, Williams AV offers solutions to meet a range of uses."

Convey Video can be integrated into an array of video environments with  language selection and set up using a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. Personalization can be set for language, text size,  lines of text, color, background, and text location.

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