Plum Voice Launches AI Fusion

Plum Voice has launched AI Fusion, bringing together natural language resources from Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Nuance Communications to streamline the process of creating and tuning intelligent virtual agents (IVAs).

AI Fusion helps developers and companies benefit from the best of evolving AI resources, minimizes lock-in to any one AI engine, and accelerates the timeframe for deployment of effective AI solutions.

Plum Voice has also augmented its pre-built application templates and modules to leverage AI Fusion in virtual agents for finance, healthcare, utilities, education, and other industries. Even legacy virtual agent applications running on the Plum Voice platform can now leverage multiple AI engines in real time. Applications are created and augmented via Plum’s curated collection of APIs and/or via the Fuse visual builder, a tool that enables low-code/no-code dialogue construction and management.

"AI Fusion furthers the core mission of Plum Voice, which is to provide a comprehensive, secure, and reliable set of communication building blocks to enable digital transformations of the customer journey," said Matt Ervin, CEO of Plum Voice, in a statement. "Increasingly those customer journey transformations involve leveraging AI efficiently.

"Our platform was already providing top-notch first call resolution rates, and now AI Fusion enables further gains in automation rates and consumer satisfaction," Ervin added. "Moreover, the AI Fusion ecosystem supported by Plum Voice will continue to evolve as the cutting edge of technology progresses. Our clients will benefit from advances in AI on a variety of fronts. The hard work invested to optimize dialoueg state transitions and business logic remains useful even as the underlying AI resources improve."

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