ISeeYouCare Launches Voice-Enabled Virtual Care Solution

ISeeYouCare partnered with CSI Engineering to launch an artificial intelligence-driven automated virtual assistant using speech synthesis and speech recognition for in-home and inpatient care.

The integrated system includes an Android tablet user interface and and several sensors that merasure blood press, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, glucose, lung function,  weight, cholesterol, activity levels, and more

The assistant can also access the patient's medical history and is trained on 420 clinical protocols in 14 disciplines of medicine covering 21 illness or diseases. It collects personal and family information during conversations with patients and adds it to the patient medical history. Its artificial intelligence can be used to learn more about the patient, identify and track trends, and assist in their symptom management, medications management, and more. The system can then communicate all of the above to the patient's physician.

Robert Higgs, founder, president, and CEO of ISeeYouCare, calls the application "a major milestone in the fulfillment of the company’s 12-year mission to change healthcare from a top-down and financially driven system to a bottom-up patient care driven system."

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