Hyperhuman Adds Voice Guidance with Video Creation Platform

Hyperhuman, providers of a content creation platform for health and fitness professionals, has added text-to-speech voice guidance in its latest product update.

"Imagine instead of having to painstakingly rehearse and record your workout's audio intro, exercise instructions and key take-away outro, you now simply write them out and let the technology add a professional voiceover that plays exactly when your audience needs it the most. Never has video workout production been so easy, quick, and inspiring," said Bogdan Predusca, Hyperhuman's CEO and co-founder, in a statement.

Hyperhuman Studio is powered by video AI technology to create quality workout videos. The created content is ready to be shared and consumed on any channel and in any format.

Aflorithmic is Hyperhuman's audio technology partner that provides the fitness voice that guides and inspires content consumers.

"We will soon allow health and fitness creators to clone their voices and provide the ultimate experience in terms of personalization and guidance in any language, starting from a simple text. This is how we envision the future of health and fitness content: highly personalized, diverse, and authentic," Predusca added.

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