Paradox Brings Conversational AI to HR Recruiting

Paradox, provider of a conversational recruiting platform, has concluded a $200 million funding round.

Paradox's vision is embodied by Olivia, the conversational artificial intelligence assistant helping companies like Unilever, Nestle, McDonald's, CVS Health, and General Motors automate tasks like candidate screening, interview scheduling, onboarding, and more through mobile-first experiences.

"When we created Paradox, we saw a future where software became invisible, driven by conversations that untether people from their desktops through an assistant who gets work done for them. That vision is now taking hold in some of the biggest companies in the world, and we couldn't be prouder of that accomplishment," said Paradox founder and CEO Aaron Matos in a statement.

For Sapphire Partner Rajeev Dham, the decision to co-lead the funding round was all about partnering with a team poised to grow into the next great technology company.

"At Sapphire, we seek to partner with companies of consequence — organizations that we believe will make a meaningful, lasting impact. Paradox is exactly this kind of company," Dham said in a statement. "We've seen the war for talent unfold over the last several years leading to one of the most hypercompetitive, fast-paced talent markets anyone has ever experienced. The need for easy, automated HR and recruiting technology has never been greater. I'm thrilled to be co-leading this financing, and joining the Paradox journey as they completely transform the recruiting process with conversational AI, simplifying and improving the candidate and recruiting experience."

Similarly Robert Sayle, a partner at Thoma Bravo, said his firm was drawn to Paradox for the critical role it plays in making recruiting and HR organizations more productive and efficient. "The technology and vision behind Paradox is revolutionary, allowing companies across industries to use the power of conversational software to streamline the hiring process while providing a far superior candidate experience," Sayle said. "We're excited to leverage our software and operational expertise to help accelerate Paradox's growth and product innovation."

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