Fluent.ai and Knowles Partner on True Wireless Stereo Voice Control

Fluent.ai, a provider of embedded speech recognition solutions, is working with Knowles, a provider of advanced micro-acoustic microphones, speakers, audio processing, capacitors, and radio frequency products, to deliver fully offline and app-free artificial intelligence-powered voice control for true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds and other hearable products.

Fluent.ai's speech-to-intent technology leverages natural and flexible voice commands to trigger essential TWS actions, including activating noise cancellation, controlling music, accepting or declining calls, and checking battery level, without the need for an app or finger tap.

Built for any device and environment, Fluent's low-latency technology can be embedded in even the tiniest devices, like earbuds, and with partners like Knowles, offers noise cancellation capabilities. The technology offers multilingual and accent-agnostic voice recognition with flexible voice commands.

Fluent's AI software resides locally on Knowles AISonic Audio Edge Processor IA8201, which does not use data from the cloud, meaning Fluent's technology works completely offline, without the need for a WiFi connection.

"Implementing robust, natural-sounding embedded voice control in TWS devices has been a challenge due to the memory and compute limitations of current Bluetooth [software-on-a-chip and the low power consumption requirements in TWS devices," said Raj Senguttuvan, director of strategic marketing at Knowles, in a statement. "Fluent.ai's small-footprint AI software solution running on Knowles IA8201 can be integrated into TWS earbuds for accurate voice command recognition without the need for an accompanying smartphone app or cloud connectivity. Our joint solution offers hearables [manufacturers] a platform to develop high-quality and flexible voice control in TWS devices for a natural and convenient user experience."

"We are honored to be partnering with Knowles, a global leader in audio solutions innovating in the hearables space," said Probal Lala, CEO of Fluent.ai, in a statement. "TWS use cases fit Fluent's unmatched advantages perfectly as hearables are intended for consumer use anytime and anywhere. Our embedded technology enables users of any language or accent to use their earbuds off the grid and in noisy environments without needing to worry about noise levels, battery life, or privacy. This technology presents hearable OEMs the opportunity to provide multilingual command access to a truly global customer base for the first time."

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