Sensory Unveils SensoryCloud.ai

Sensory, a provider of machine learning solutions for speech recognition and biometric identification, today launched the beta release of SensoryCloud.ai, a complete artificial intelligence-as-a-service platform for processing voice and vision AI workloads in the cloud.

The SensoryCloud platform currently offers AI services such as speech-to-text, sound identification, wake word verification, face verification, and speaker identification. Additional services and updates will be offered throughout the year.

SensoryCloud delivers a language- and platform-agnostic AI inference engine delivered in containers through an application programming interface (API) or lightweight software development kits (SDKs).

SensoryCloud AI as a Service includes the following:

  • SensoryCloud Speech to Text (STT), a GPU-accelerated speech recognition engine that can be customized to process application-specific jargon;
  • SensoryCloud Wake Word Revalidation, for verification of custom, branded wake words with up to a 90 percent reduction in false alarms; and
  • SensoryCloud Sound Identification, a library of sounds with a multi-stage approach. Developers can also train and learn custom sounds, in addition to the standard sounds like alarms, sirens, breaking glass, crying babies, coughs, sneezes, doorbells, and more.

"We have a history of building fast and accurate AI models, and we paired this capability with some of the brightest and freshest minds in the cloud industry," said Todd Mozer, Sensory's CEO, in a statement. "The result is a hybrid cloud platform that uses state-of-the-art AI to address customers' unique needs for control, flexibility, cost, accuracy, reliability, features, latency, and privacy."

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