ZeroSum Partners with WellSaid Labs

ZeroSum, an automotive software and marketing company, has partnered with WellSaid Labs, an artificial intelligence text-to-speech technology company, to use its AI voice technology enabling same-day, low-cost video ad production within ZeroSum's Auto-Stream platform.

WellSaid Labs uses AI to create voice avatars in a variety of ages, genders, and accents. Using the technology within the Auto-Stream platform, auto marketers can convert text-to-voice in real time and script, produce, and direct their ads instantly, adjusting voice emphasis, pronunciation, and tone.

"WellSaid's best-in-class text-to-speech technology democratizes advertising capabilities for content creators," said Martin Ramirez, head of growth at WellSaid Labs, in a statement. "Businesses of all sizes deserve to quickly respond to customers' changing needs and create engaging voice content. Whether for programmatic advertising, digital marketing, or corporate training content, we believe voice is everything when it comes to customer engagement and brand management."

"One of the biggest challenges we faced when building Auto-Stream was balancing the customization and creativity our end users expected with the speed to market, scale and efficiency we wanted to deliver," said Andrew Zack director of product development at ZeroSum, in a statement. "Our technology platform allows our clients to scale their marketing effortlessly. The amount of time and money saved is a huge step forward for the automotive marketing industry."

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