MetaMetrics Partners with SoapBox Labs

MetaMetrics has partnered with SoapBox Labs, a provider of speech recognition technology for kids, to automate the evaluation of oral reading fluency for students using voice-enabled assessments.

MetaMetrics' Lexile Framework for Oral Reading measures the oral readability of text based on words correct per minute (WCPM) but also takes into account the difficulty of the passage. With this partnership, the manual calculation of students' oral reading is replaced by an automated, voice-enabled approach.

The dynamic feedback loop offered by the SoapBox voice engine also allows students' proficiency to be benchmarked more regularly.

"For decades, we've imagined the vast potential for speech recognition technology when it comes to measuring a child's reading fluency. Developed by applying learning technology to thousands of hours of children's speech, SoapBox Labs' voice engine offers a world-class platform for delivering our Lexile oral reading measures to learners around the world," said Malbert Smith, CEO and co-founder of MetaMetrics, in a statement. "With an increasing number of students lagging behind in reading, it is more important now than ever before to gain insights that will accelerate children's literacy development."

"The Lexile Framework has for years provided parents, educators, and learners with understanding and insights to unlock reading potential at nearly every level," said Martyn Farrows, CEO of SoapBox Labs, in a statement. "Measurement of oral reading fluency is such a natural and important application of our voice technology. We are immensely proud to have our voice engine validated by a partner as fundamental and iconic to literacy learning as MetaMetrics and to partner with them as we create a new era of literacy assessment."

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