The Top Speech Technologies and Vendors: The 2022 Speech Industry Awards

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Though caution is warranted, it would seem that thanks to time, better treatments, and updated vaccines, the worst of the pandemic is finally (knock on wood) behind us. But the recent progress made by the speech technology industry, due in no small part to an increased demand for contactless technology, shows no signs of slowing down. The advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing/understanding that were already under way pre-pandemic have led to dramatic developments in speech technologies of all stripes. In the award writeups below, you’ll see how voice biomarker technology is helping to detect disease, how conversational AI is becoming more humanlike in its communicative abilities, and how customized voice creation is providing recognizable (and remarkably accurate) voices to everyday applications. The various breakthroughs are exciting, and they’re all here in our 10 Speech Industry Award winners for 2022. --the Editors

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: Aural Analytics Makes Speech Vital to Health Care

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: Deepgram Is the Startup Speech-Enabler

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: Dubber Turns Meetings into Meaningful Records

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: LivePerson Centers on Conversational AI

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: NICE Powers Contact Centers with AI

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: ReadSpeaker Customizes TTS Voice Development

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: SoundHound Has Driving Ambitions for Speech

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: Speechmatics Makes Speech Recognition Truly Automatic

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: Verbit Acquires the Top Spot in Transcription

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: Veritone Voices All Sorts of Projects

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