HitCheck Partners Adds Aural Analytics to Concussion Protocols

Aural Analytics is partnering with HitCheck to embed speech analytics into HitCheck's cognitive assessment application that screens for sudden changes after a potential brain injury has occurred.

Aural Analytics' clinical-grade speech analytics will assist coaches, athletes, medical personnel, and others to assess athletes' ability to return to play after taking a hit on the field.

"There is a distinct link between brain injury and changes in speech and language that can be quickly and easily measured using Aural Analytics speech vitals technology," said Judy Smythe, CEO of Aural Analytics, in a statement. "Human speech relies on the coordination of complex neural activity, including cognitive and motor functions. A concussion or brain injury can cause damage to the underlying system, which becomes apparent in one's speech. We are particularly proud to partner with HitCheck to bring this to thousands of athletes and healthcare providers who assess and treat concussions."

The speech assessment takes athletes less than two minutes to complete. The speech sample is completed inside HitCheck's interactive, game-like assessment. The athletes' post injury test results are compared against their personal baseline assessments, which they complete at the start of each season. The tests within the app measure specific aspects of brain performance, such as coordination, memory, and reaction time.

"Our focus is on the safety of the athletes, and the addition of Aural Analytics can enhance the accuracy of our assessments," said Mike Piha, CEO of HitCheck, in a statement. "This clinical-grade speech analytics ensures we are offering the most comprehensive diagnostic tool in the commercial market to ensure athlete safety both on and off the field."

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