Aiera Launches Live Audio Controls on Mobile App

Aiera, an event access and speech technology platform provider for Wall Street, has relaunched the Aiera mobile app for iOS with DVR-Style Live Audio Controls, allowing users to pause, rewind, and change playback speed during live events right from their phones.

Before Aiera, investment professionals had to wait until after the event for the published transcript and official audio recording to review what was said during a call. But now with Aiera, listeners can rewind the live event audio to review what they missed in real time and subsequently increase playback speed to catch up to live again.

Aiera users can stream live event audio with one click, follow along with live transcription, and use keyword search across transcripts and a suite of AI-powered advanced analytics for sentiment analysis and topic extraction. Additionally, event audio will continue to play even after minimizing the app or navigating to others.

"This technology marks a technological milestone for the role of live audio in the financial world," said Bryan Healey, co-founder and chief technology officer of Aiera, in a statement. "The idea may sound simple, but complexity arises when dealing with different host providers, live conversations across hundreds of simultaneous calls, and mobile delivery, all together. The result is an unrivaled clarity into the events that matter most, whether at the desk or on the go."

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