For the Record Launches FTR RealTime

For The Record, a provider of courtroom audio, visual, and record-keeping innovations,has launched speech-to-text transcription technology, FTR RealTime.

Developed specifically for legal justice settings, FTR RealTime turns the spoken word into searchable text within seconds. An online portal facilitates instant access for authorized users, both in the courtroom and offsite.

FTR RealTime's speech-to-text technology processes dialects, complex legal terminology, and participants speaking simultaneously. When paired with FTR Smart Audio, FTR RealTime achieves accuracy of up to 95 percent and approaches speaker designation accuracy of up to 100%. Audio and video recordings synced precisely to the rough transcript enable verification of accuracy, facilitate rapid review of objections, and allow testimony to be revisited.

"It's exciting to share FTR RealTime, knowing how transformational it will be for court proceedings," said For The Record CEO Tony Douglass in a statement. "Judges and attorneys will be able to review testimony during and after proceedings. Offsite legal teams will be able to follow a case live and provide strategic input. There will be so many practical applications for this technology."

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